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HI, I am Sharon

A UI UX designer based in Charleston SC passionate about creating customer focused designs that result in positive user experiences.


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I’m here to help turn your  vision into a clear product.

Komfort Furniture Design Project

About the project

This case study is an overview of the website design and mobile app for a fictional company called Komfort Furniture. Komfort Furniture is a new business selling affordable high-end design furniture made in Reading, Pennsylvania. The goal of this project was to create an e-commerce website for people to browse and purchase furniture for home delivery. I was assigned to create the home page, category page and product page.
Furniture Website


User Interface and User Experience Designer
User Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, Testing, Visual Design


  • Wireframes for client approval
  • High fidelity prototype
  • Website
UI High Fidelity Mobile Furniture Website

Empathizing with the user

I conducted a user survey of 4 participants between the ages of 25 to 75. The questions targeted the common experiences of users on other similar apps such as IKEA and Amazon. User surveys revealed the following results:
・Individuals accessed desktop websites and mobile apps about the same amount.
・Users typically gathered home decorating ideas from Pinterest and print.
・Improvements users wanted to see were better shipping and better measurements and size context
・The top features that were the most important to their shopping experience were free shipping and discounts/deals.
・The secondary important features were shop by category and shop by collection.
Katherine-UX UI Persona

User Persona

Based on the client’s needs and user surveys, I created a user persona that focused on the main goals and frustrations of our users.

Katherine: 50 | Executive | Reading, Pennsylvania
Katherine is an executive at the local offices of a international medical device company.  She earns a salary of $110,000 per year.  She has children at University.  She’s both style and price conscious.

Katherine is updating the furniture at the 4 bedroom family home.  The update for furniture is following the slow remodeling of the house now that her kids left for university.

She enjoys browsing styles online and uses Pinterest to gather design ideas.

UI Wireframe Home Page for furniture Store
UI Wireframes for mobile
UI Mood Board for furniture store
Branding - colors fonts
UI High Fidelity Web
UI High Fidelity Web Product Page
UI High Fidelity Mobile Furniture Website


I get a kick out of helping businesses and entrepeneurs to realize and accomplish their goals. How? By solving complex design problems. When you’re in need of some no-nonsense advice on the usability of your product or experience problems with a certain task-flow, give me a call.