Google My Business


One of the KEY elements of being found on Google is being setup on Google My Business.   The great thing is Google My Business is free too!   If you’re not setup, no problem.   We will walk through that process here. 

All you need is a Google account (typically a Gmail account) and start the signup process here:

Step 1: Click Start Now

Step 2: Add your business name and address 

Step 3: “I deliver goods and services to my customers” – if you don’t do business with customers at your address (if you use a residential address), then you need to check this box because you’ll be able to hide your address while still being listed in the area. This is called a “service-area business.” 

Step 4: Add the rest of your business information and make sure your contact information is accurate. 

Step 5: Go through the verification – this can be a quick verification phone call or it could be a postcard in the mail. Either way, follow the verification method because you need to be verified for your business listing to go live. 

Step 6: If you get a postcard for verification, don’t forget to go back to Google My Business and enter the code. 

Step 7: Once you’re verified, fill out as much information on your listing as you can, including hours, and subcategories. 

Step 8: Congratulations, now your business is listed. 

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