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Google (and Yelp) reviews are important for any business. Potential clients are comparing your business with others in your area, and reviews are a great way to stand out. Google business search and reviews are the most common way people find and check out businesses. It’s vital to have your business show up on Google search and also have reviews.  

Think about it, whenever you are researching a service or product, most of us usually check their reviews.   Reviews give us potential customers and clients a better feel of the quality of service/product before we invest/purchase.   If there is a low star rating, we’re going to pass and move on to a product or company with a high star rating. 

Google reviews also help your search engine ranking

So how do you go about getting Google reviews?

Here are 6 Tips to getting those reviews:

  1. Asking for the Google Reviews

    • Ask after you complete a job – the best time is after you done an amazing job.
    • Ask the latest customer you have interacted with
    • Ask through an email
    • Ask when you send a bill
    • Ask when you conclude a conversation on the phone

I recently received great coaching from an excellent health coach.  She was smart enough to immediately follow up with an email (you can by text too) requesting a review.  Which I gave for her.  

If your customer is super happy, GET THAT REVIEW!

2. Make it easy for client to leave review 

Try to make it as easy as possible for your client/customer to leave a review.  

Show your client where you would like them to leave their review.  Send them the link.

Here is a link from Google on how to make a link for customer to write reviews on Google

Make sure your business is setup prior on Google.

Not setup on Google My Business yet?  Don’t worry, it’s free to get setup.

Here is a link on how to get setup:

“How to Get Setup on Google My Business?”

  1. Reminding them to Leave a Review

When you ask someone to leave a review, remember that they probably have 10 other things on their to-do list for the day. It may take them a week to get around to writing the review. They may forget altogether. Make sure you follow up with them within two weeks and remind them about leaving a review. We all need a nudge from time-to-time.

4. Thank those who leave you a Glowing Review 

If you notice a wonderful review about you, say THANK YOU!

5. Reward  incentive gift reward

Still having problems getting clients to leave a review?

Give them an incentive or a gift like a 10% coupon reward for sending someone your way.

6. Include Name and Picture of person giving Testimonial


Gives more creditability to their review.

picture of reviewer giving testimonial

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