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Your website is a 24-hour marketing and sales tool.  It connects your audience and your offers.
When that bridge isn’t made to sell, it’s kind of like sending your prospects to a dead end.

It’s also a direct representation of who you are as a brand, and how you will make your client feel if they decide to work with you.

Is your website design failing to get you business?

Here are 8 signs that you should consider upgrading your website.

  1. Your website looks outdated.

    While it’s important that your website function flawlessly, it also needs to look modern and fresh. In fact, Google’s John Mueller recently suggested that poor design could hurt a website’s search rankings.  81% of internet users think less of a business if the website is not updated, and 39% would think twice about using a product or service if the website is not fresh, user friendly and current.

  2. Your website is not mobile friendly or responsive.

    More and more website traffic is happening on mobile devices.  Almost half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices and Google is now basing its rankings on the mobile rather than the desktop version of a website.  With that in mind, it’s crucial that your website is developed to perform seamlessly from laptop to tablet to mobile devices.  

  3. Your website is not delivering the traffic, leads and conversions you expect.

    If there are significant drop-offs in traffic and leads to your website or your website visitors are not taking the desired action, it could be that your visitors are not finding what they’re looking for.  A well designed website converts visitors into customers.   Contemplate a site upgrade to bring them back.

  4. Your website does not offer an excellent user experience.

    A successful website is all about pleasing your users. If your site is difficult to navigate and doesn’t offer engaging, valuable content, your users will leave. A new website designed with user experience at the forefront is often the best solution.

  5. You’re embarrassed to give out your URL.

    Your website is the online face of your company and you should be proud to have it represent you. If you’re not, that’s an obvious sign it’s time for a new site.

  6. Your website is more than 3 years old.

    There are constant advances in technology, best practices, and how Google ranks sites.  If your site is over 3 years old, it could probably benefit from some level of overhaul to be up to date and hold Google ranking.

  7. All your competitors have newer websites.

    If your competitors have websites that look and work better than yours, you’re going to be at a significant disadvantage. If your website is lagging behind competitors, consider an update to soar you higher than the pack.

  8. Small changes are difficult or impossible to make.

    You and your team are busy people.  Last thing you need is the aggravation of having a hard time to make small changes or updates to your website.  Making small changes or updates to your site, like adding a blog post, updating an event, or changing a product description, should be easy for anyone on your staff to accomplish. If your website is built on a platform that is difficult to work with, or that requires a third party to make even the simplest updates, consider a new website built in an easy-to-use content management system (CMS).

Is it time for you to rebrand, relaunch or revamp your website?

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