1. Make a Great First Impression

Within seconds people will decide if they will stay or go to a different website, the competitors, so 1st impression is everything! 

First Impressions

  • Is your site unclutter and professional?
  • Mobile responsive? Will it look and perform great in laptop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Speed of loading
  1. Who is Your Client?

For example, a Health and Wellness Coach, who are your clients?

  • Busy executives that want a healthy lifestyle and balance?
  • Busy mom’s looking for health and balance?
  • Older clients looking to alleviate pain and be healthy?

ideal client

  1. List of Pain Points

Need to identify the pain points.  What are your clients struggles?

For example, as a health coach, your clients pain points might be:

  • Pain and inflammation
  • Energy and endurance
  • Weight issues
  • Health issues 


  1. Benefits/Results

How can working with you solve those specific pain points?

What are the specific benefits of working with you?

Continuing with the health coach example: 

  • More energy and endurance
  • More peace and balance
  • Pain-free or less pain
  • More focus
  • Healthy weight 
  1. What’s Unique about Your Business

Tell your ideal customer what is unique about you and your methods that sets you apart.


  1. Build Trust

Build credibility- Show them visually through photos, testimonials, videos, visual stories, etc.

customer review

  1. Clear Call to ActionCTA

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